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Aircraft typeTyro
DesignerMike Molt
ManufacturerMolt Models
Wing span36 "
# of type in system17
Manufacturers websiteClick to view
The Molt Models Tyro is the ideal park-flyer trainer, designed with a classic look; reminiscent of the glow-engine powered trainers most are familiar with. Tyro's flexible design allows for a wide variety of power systems, radio gear, and even cameras for aerial photography. This means Tyro can be built to suit almost any type of flying, from smooth scale take-offs and realistic looking maneuvers, to extreme-vertical crowd pleasers! Ready to fly weight ranges from 13.5~14.5 oz and a wing area of 248 sq. in., provide extremely light wing loadings of 7.9~8.4. This means you have a trainer that will fly at crawl like speeds, giving a novice flyer time to relax and think while flying. Some might worry Tyro's low flying weight means it is not a robust airframe. This could not be any further from the truth, as Tyro utilizes a completely interlocking box fuselage design. The wing is also quite strong, as it consists of an interlocking "I-beam" spar, trailing edge, and leading edge. These features enhance crash survivability and get you back out and flying as soon as possible.