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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
Skyediamonds1985Guillows Series 200 - SE5aBuild11-Sep-16 13:59
Views : 243
Forgot to show how I approached the detailing of the top portion of the radiator. I just used Spacklin Compound. This is in its rough shape just after I pulled off the masking tape while it was still wet.
Skyediamonds1985Guillows Series 200 - SE5aBuild11-Sep-16 13:53
Views : 230
The bottom of the radiator cover has been glued to the underside of the fuselage and top has been painted. Only to add just a few more accessories and this will be finished and I'll move onto the tail feathers.
Skyediamonds1985Guillows Series 200 - SE5aBuild10-Sep-16 13:31
Views : 231
All the louvers are glued in place along with the small "adjusting" rod and, if you look closely, can see a very fine wire wrapped around the wheel. Sorry about not having the louvers adjustable. It actually occurred to me to try making them adjustable, but reality hit me. I had to keep in mind, "This is only a small stick-n-tissue model." I'm currently having some problems with my ol' laptap. I've taken additional pictures, but can't seem to get them resized into my folder for future submission to this site. I'll keep trying. I sincerely thank everyone for their inputs. I've posted my response in my last post on the 6th. You guys are great.
Skyediamonds1985Guillows Series 200 - SE5aBuild04-Sep-16 17:51
Views : 270
However, when viewed from an angle, the louvers are very prominent. I could've arranged the louvers to cant downward to visually bring them out. Since this model will be given to my daughter, I have no idea where she'll be displaying it. So, decided a neutral position would be best.
Skyediamonds1985Guillows Series 200 - SE5aBuild04-Sep-16 17:49
Views : 221
Finished painting and glued in place the left side. I purposely took this picture straight-on to show how the louvers seemingly disappeared.
Skyediamonds1985Guillows Series 200 - SE5aBuild04-Sep-16 17:48
Views : 238
Not glued yet. Will paint first.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
Skyediamonds1985Guillows Series 200 - SE5aBuild04-Sep-16 17:47
Views : 227
Each louver was placed evenly within the space provided by the previous ones.
Skyediamonds1985Guillows Series 200 - SE5aBuild04-Sep-16 17:45
Views : 178
In effort to maintain even distribution of the louvers, I simply filled in the spaces from the middle outwiard
Skyediamonds1985Guillows Series 200 - SE5aBuild04-Sep-16 17:44
Views : 161
Skyediamonds1985Guillows Series 200 - SE5aBuild04-Sep-16 17:43
Views : 181
The frame for the cooling louvers was made in one continuous loop, bent at right angles and joined at the upper right corner with just a dab of super glue.
Skyediamonds1985Guillows Series 200 - SE5aBuild04-Sep-16 17:42
Views : 176
Cutting up thin strips out of glossy paper for radiator louvers and framework
Skyediamonds1985Guillows Series 200 - SE5aBuild03-Sep-16 19:04
Views : 190
Just to let everyone know: I live in Reno, Nevada. I'll be attending the air races. If anyone is interested, I'll take some pictures of the event as well as restored classic and antique aircraft on display in competition for the Smithsonian Award.
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