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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
jgoodMolt Models TyroAerial16-Nov-08 09:55
Views : 618
Everglades National Park, Florida. Royal Palm. You can see it's a giant river from these pictures. Driving through you don't notice that, but seeing it from above you do...
jgoodMolt Models TyroAerial16-Nov-08 09:54
Views : 595
Everglades National Park, Florida. Royal Palm.
jgoodMolt Models TyroAerial16-Nov-08 09:54
Views : 594
Everglades National Park, Florida. Royal Palm.
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying19-Jun-08 13:23
Views : 1660
43F and 1 MPH wind this morning, a touch warm but managable. Later the wind picked up and my landings got rougher which brought to light two issues. The nose wheel cable came loose and the batteries broke through the hatch, time to fix them properly.
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying18-Jun-08 14:42
Views : 1669
Five seconds later - headed out to line up for another touch. I was able to go home after about 45 minutes of air time as a mild tumble in the grass ripped off the wing and I opted not to do a field repair with CA on account of my allergy.
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying18-Jun-08 14:40
Views : 1788
And go! (after a go then touch on the other end of the runway)
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying18-Jun-08 14:39
Views : 1717
Touch (just after this picture was taken)
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying18-Jun-08 14:38
Views : 1623
Lining up with the runway and adjusting the motor speed to achieve the desired glide path.
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying18-Jun-08 14:37
Views : 577
After a blustery weekend we finally got a calm morning so I took the Tyro to the field for more touch and go practice. Sorry about the blur, the camera defaulted to an ISO of 80, I will try again soon.
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying14-Jun-08 17:34
Views : 543
A strong West wind forced me to work off the East end of the runway, which is kinda where the sun comes up. After losing the plane in the sun several times and a wild ride in turbulent air I called it quits before even finishing half a battery pack.
SteveMMolt Models TyroBuild13-Jun-08 01:11
Views : 563
I decided to start putting slow blow fuses on my servos to protect against a failed servo. On these little HS-55's I'm using a 1 amp rating so I should never blow it under normal use. Has anyone ever done something like this before? Will it even help?
SteveMMolt Models TyroBuild11-Jun-08 15:09
Views : 522
Notice my CA is sealed up and I am using PVA to repair the Tyro. After 3 months of symptoms I have determined I am having similar reactions as Xanadu and John G.
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