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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
jgoodMolt Models TyroAerial07-Jun-09 22:34
Views : 599
Hampton Inn, Islamorada, Florida.
jgoodMolt Models TyroFlying05-Jun-09 20:28
Views : 671
Rainbow and a tugboat. It was quite an exciting flight, because there was a security guard who wouldn't let me into the park to take off, and was apparently calling the police on me when I took off on the public land in front of him. All the cars stuck in traffic were enjoying the flying, though, many asked for me to fly them over to the Beach. We still don't know the fate of my girlfriends car, which is potentially floating down the road over on Miami Beach. We can't get there, the roads are still blocked.
jgoodMolt Models TyroFlying05-Jun-09 20:24
Views : 664
Apparently there was a big palm tree blocking the road...
jgoodMolt Models TyroFlying05-Jun-09 20:23
Views : 802
Bad traffic, trying to get to Miami Beach after a really bad rain storm.
jgoodMolt Models TyroFlying30-May-09 11:11
Views : 782
This is a big 'oops'. I obviously hadn't tightened the motor onto the motor mount enough... Flying with my nice Canon camera on board, the motor came off, and the prop blades sheard off on something. Here is one of them coming past the camera! I found the prop blades, but have yet to find the motor. :( Note to self - improve fastening of motor to mount.
jgoodMolt Models TyroFlying27-May-09 21:50
Views : 590
Evening flights in Bicentennial park, Miami.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
jgoodMolt Models TyroParked25-May-09 19:50
Views : 665
Me and Rhysleo getting the Tyro ready for flight.
jgoodMolt Models TyroFlying25-May-09 19:46
Views : 629
Bit windy today. I think this is Rhysleo flying here!
jgoodMolt Models TyroParked25-May-09 19:45
Views : 627
Repaired! Only problem was that I ran out of silver Solite covering. So there's a black patch on the wing at the moment. New motor and prop needed too. Will also get some new batteries, I think mine are too old (3 years?).
jgoodMolt Models TyroParked25-May-09 19:41
Views : 604
Damage is the result of the motor cutting out (ESC over heated? Bad battery?) and coming down in some trees. Oh well, these things happen...
jgoodMolt Models TyroBuild25-May-09 19:38
Views : 629
Damage from unscheduled encounter with a tree. Now repaired!
jgoodMolt Models TyroBuild25-May-09 19:37
Views : 598
Repairs to the wing. Covering removed, small balsa fillet added to strengthen broken corner. Then will recover.
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