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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked25-Aug-14 14:51
Views : 271
The basic form of the AMT/Italerie/ESCI cockpit. A really nice, detailed model, but for my purposes most of it won't be seen.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked25-Aug-14 14:49
Views : 264
To prep for the new cockpit I cut away the kit's seat back with a sharp blade.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked25-Aug-14 14:47
Views : 223
I reshaped the tail area, and described the panel lines that were lost in the process. Unfortunately, these will be lost in the glassing and final finishing.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked25-Aug-14 14:46
Views : 220
The tail, mechanical openings are filled with either balsa or green florists foam, sanded then glassed over.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked25-Aug-14 14:44
Views : 228
The original wing (left) and the revised wing. The exposed foam becomes pretty fragile at this point.
CreosotewindGuillows Series 800 - Stearman PT-17Parked25-Aug-14 14:42
Views : 779
Because this is foam, the leading and trailing edges are thick. Photos of the real F-16 look like you could shave with those wings. Sanding process started.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked24-Aug-14 18:42
Views : 248
To make the model more sturdy, I'll cover it with glass cloth and this Minwax Polycrylic. It is water-based, and does not smell. Easy application and cleanup.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked24-Aug-14 18:41
Views : 211
Some of the reference books I'll be using.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked24-Aug-14 18:40
Views : 209
The cockpit is not currently available, but I was able to find one on eBay. There is an old resin pilot, but it is very hard to find. I will make one using this guy as a starting point.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked24-Aug-14 18:38
Views : 230
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked24-Aug-14 18:36
Views : 188
Towards the tailcone. Some of the this will be filled or cut off. Locations for the horizontal tail fins and nozzle mechanisms.
CreosotewindScratch Built Solid ModelsParked24-Aug-14 18:33
Views : 213
The embossing is pretty heavy handed, but will help later on. You can see some of the pebbly texture of the foam. I intend to deal with that in a bit.
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