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BillParkerEasy Built FF-57 Hawker HurricaneParked15-Mar-13 10:59
Views : 378
Look what fell into my lap! I got a mail outta the blue from the moderator at Hip Pocket, who suggested that I might want to contact another member who "lives in the Houston area..." Seems this fine gentleman has a big box of balsa he'd like to find a good home for. So I PM this fellow, and turns out he lves about 10 miles north of me... (not 60 miles east... Houston area... sheeeesh...) So, I go see him last night and whoa! What you're looking at is a SIG MFG balsa display box like what you find in your LHS... There's 30 compartments in the box. The pile on the table is the product of just the first row of stuff. The guy who gave it to me said that the balsa was "slightly heavier than contest balsa." That, as it turns out, is because alot of it ain't balsa but spruce! Oh no! don't give me free spruce! There are five archery arrows to left side of the pile on the table. Carbon fiber wing struts mayhaps? Note the red tubes, all full, all sizes piano wire, (aka landing gear struts. and pushrods...) So, I'll get this stuff organized and inventoried, and then start deciding what the first project will be! Triple sized versions of the Guillow's 500 series fighters for .09 U-Control, I think... It's good to be me right now! And... Thanx for letting me brag, guys!
BillParkerEasy Built FF-57 Hawker HurricaneParked26-Jan-13 08:41
Views : 472
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BillParkerEasy Built FF-57 Hawker HurricaneReference14-Jan-13 14:00
Views : 345
Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, My dad's Polish Ham Radio biuddy...
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