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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
mattolsonGuillows Series 1000 - P-47 ThunderboltBuild10-Mar-15 20:16
Views : 338
Wing all sparred out and ready for carving and sanding.
mattolsonGuillows Series 1000 - P-47 ThunderboltBuild10-Mar-15 20:14
Views : 315
Wing basic frame
mattolsonGuillows Series 1000 - P-47 ThunderboltBuild02-Mar-15 18:18
Views : 335
Fuselage almost completely framed.
mattolsonGuillows Series 1000 - P-47 ThunderboltParked02-Mar-15 18:17
Views : 387
Fitting the sliding canopy.
mattolsonGuillows Series 1000 - P-47 ThunderboltBuild26-Feb-15 19:48
Views : 350
New build. The balsa is pretty crappy(light and weak) with this model, so what I usually do with these pieces is to; 1. Cut out the parts very carefully. 2. Give each piece a coat of 50/50 elmers white or wood glue (I prefer the wood glue). 3. Lay on a flat surface that hase wax paper covering it. 4. Cover with another piece of wax paper and top off with some heavy books. This will prevent the wood from warping when drying. 5. Allow to dry for a couple of days (patience little beavers) 6. After dry, give a light sanding on all glue edges and outside surfaces... Its not good for weight, so flyers beware, but it sure makes a strudy piece, albeit a lot of work and time (which we do anyway for this hobby).
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
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