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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
jgoodMolt Models HellcatReference08-Oct-12 12:35
Views : 13059
The scene at Ellington Field, Houston today. A friend of mine sent this to me. The 262 belongs to the Collings Foundation, and had come in from California, in 200 mile hops!
jgoodMolt Models HellcatReference24-Dec-10 11:34
Views : 18162
Meet Charles Thomas Henry Good! He was born on the 15th of December. His Mum won't let him play with CA glue yet, but hopefully soon. :) Happy Christmas everyone.
jgoodMolt Models HellcatReference11-Sep-10 20:06
Views : 18758
Another test...
jgoodMolt Models HellcatReference11-Sep-10 19:58
Views : 20014
Test image, please ignore. This will be deleted later.
SteveMMolt Models HellcatReference14-Feb-10 10:11
Views : 8281
So far you guys haven't convinced me to move to TX or the east coast.
SteveMMolt Models HellcatBuild27-Jan-10 21:42
Views : 8379
A thin coat of Liquitex gray as a primer adds 0.1oz. I think from here I'll jump right into the final colors rather than add another coat of primer.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
SteveMMolt Models HellcatBuild26-Jan-10 22:11
Views : 8603
Pushrods are installed, waiting for the tailfeathers glue to dry, and the elevator to straighten out.
SteveMMolt Models HellcatBuild26-Jan-10 20:09
Views : 9726
The Hellcat is getting a little portly. Recovering the fuselage in silkspan and two layers of thinned nitrate dope on everything added about 0.2 oz., the tailfeather push rods add another 0.2 oz. or so. The only thing missing from this picture is paint. This is the first plane that I have treated with nitrate dope. In fact, it was a mix of 50% nitrate dope, 25% thinner, and 25% retarder.
SteveMMolt Models HellcatBuild18-Jan-10 22:31
Views : 10142
In an earlier photo I show the weight of the uncovered frame without the radio, landing gear, plastics, and a tiny part of the fuselage was 5.6oz. Here we are at 7.73oz. covered in domestic tissue and silkspan with everything except paint and the linkages to the tailfeathers. I wonder what I did with the linkages? I guess AUW will be on the plus side of 8oz. which is on the heavy end of the expect 7-8oz. listed in the instructions.
SteveMMolt Models HellcatBuild17-Jan-10 22:15
Views : 10336
Covering the wing with silkspan (dry with an UHU glue stick) was refreshingly easy and went smoothly. About all that is left is to redo the control surfaces then fortify the fuselage as John C. suggested.
SteveMMolt Models HellcatBuild17-Jan-10 09:33
Views : 10368
Less than an hour of work to replace the Doculam with silkspan while listening to Norm build a drop leaf table. The area you see covered hear is all the further I had got with Doculam and it was painful progress at best.
SteveMMolt Models HellcatBuild16-Jan-10 23:36
Views : 10440
After spending close to an hour struggling to cover a few square inches of the wing with Doculam (the stuff I used on the Tyro) I got demotivated and gave up as I have done on many previous occasions. Then I decided that having it covered in silkspan was better than not having it covered in Doculam so I got busy. As I was preparing to cover the last two spots of the fuselage it suddenly dawned on me that I was not using my medium grade silkspan, but had somehow grabbed a spare sheet of domestic tissue and was too dense to notice the difference for a few hours.What do you guys think, leave the tissue on or strip it off and redo with silkspan?
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