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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
rhysleoGWS Slow StickParked03-Jul-11 15:48
Views : 3433
Another easy fix...I'm actually very convinced this came loose mid-flight which is why the plane made a sudden nosedive. It also may of crashed because the single rubber band holding the wing may of come loose mid-flight. Or maybe just bad piloting :). Video up soon.
rhysleoGWS Slow StickParked03-Jul-11 15:41
Views : 3551
Went back to the field once again and broke the prop...once again haha. Its okay though-easy fix.
rhysleoGWS Slow StickParked19-Jun-11 08:36
Views : 3489
...and breaking the wing in half. No worries though because I plan on getting another wing soon. Here is a link to the video of it sort of flying-
rhysleoGWS Slow StickParked19-Jun-11 08:29
Views : 3431
Finally, I've got the slow stick out on the field at 7am with absolutely no wind. The first flight only lasted about 2 seconds in the air because of not enough throttle. The second flight lasted about 10 seconds before crashing on its side and breaking the prop and...
rhysleoGWS Slow StickReference12-Jun-11 08:58
Views : 3349
Another question for the experts- How do I know when it is fully charged? Does it stop charging automatically?
rhysleoGWS Slow StickReference12-Jun-11 08:57
Views : 3355
Question for the experts-Is this the correct settings?
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
rhysleoGWS Slow StickReference10-Oct-09 16:26
Views : 3742
A picture of the cockpit of the plane. I was bummed out when we weren't aloud to sit in it. Though once when my Mom and I were flying from Miami to White Plains, the captain let me sit in the cockpit of a JetBlue plane. I will never forget that.
rhysleoGWS Slow StickReference10-Oct-09 16:22
Views : 3621
Here is a British Airways Concorde. It actually was a flying plane, In other words, It isn't a replica. I remember seeing a video of them transporting all of the parts by truck on the highway.
rhysleoGWS Slow StickReference10-Oct-09 16:19
Views : 3601
Here is a picture of the inside of the plane.
rhysleoGWS Slow StickReference10-Oct-09 16:18
Views : 3623
James, forget my mom in the picture, here is the front of the plane. This was the only outside picture i could find
rhysleoGWS Slow StickReference10-Oct-09 08:01
Views : 3636
This was me in 2006 sitting in the cockpit of a Douglas plane I think it was called. This was at Brooklands Museum.
rhysleoGWS Slow StickReference09-Oct-09 16:51
Views : 3638
Ahhhhh!!!!!!!! It came!!!! It came!!!!! It finally came!!! I have been waiting for this since mid July. Only my Dad, James, and I know how great this is.
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