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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
Luke WarSterling Real SportyBuild27-Mar-09 17:29
Views : 817
The cowl as it sits right now. Tired of sanding and filling so Im taking a break on it for the moment.
Luke WarSterling Real SportyBuild21-Jan-09 20:49
Views : 705
This cowl is the current bane of my existance. I just had to put it out there.
Luke WarSterling Real SportyBuild14-Jan-09 02:00
Views : 749
One wing all done, the other close behind. Anyone need anything hung out to dry?
Luke WarSterling Real SportyBuild14-Jan-09 01:59
Views : 785
The upper fuse after sheeting. There's a few problems with it, but nothing a bit of filler cant fix!
Luke WarSterling Real SportyBuild11-Jan-09 04:36
Views : 696
Wings waiting for their top sheets. Made scale ailerons from scratch. This build has actually become much more enjoyable than I initially thought it would be as I continue to try new things like modifying it! :)
Luke WarSterling Real SportyParked11-Jan-09 04:29
Views : 704
Another view of the top rear of the fuse. Shaped the bulkheads plus added one more in the rear, then added stringers up to where the elevator connects. I'm going to sheet the stringers and carve the rest of the fuse that goes over the elevator.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
Luke WarSterling Real SportyParked11-Jan-09 04:26
Views : 630
Just about finished with the body. Rounded out the top rear of the fuse which is how the aircraft is actually shaped instead of the boxy/ rectangular shape the kit has it shaped like.
Luke WarSterling Real SportyBuild08-Jan-09 00:56
Views : 714
The fuse thus far. VERY flimsy wood in this kit and nothing really seems to fit together very well. Tape is holding the sides tight to the bottom piece while the glue dries.
Luke WarSterling Real SportyBuild08-Jan-09 00:53
Views : 800
Got this little gem off the internet. I think the model is older than I am judging from the pics on the box.
VP46Sterling Real SportyFlying17-Dec-08 16:21
Views : 679
VP46Sterling Real SportyFlying17-Dec-08 16:20
Views : 571
VP46Sterling Real SportyFlying17-Dec-08 16:20
Views : 573
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