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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
hjlittmanScratch Built Gloster E28/39Parked18-Oct-17 15:59
Views : 81
Another Plain Plane this time byDon Butman,
hjlittmanScratch Built Gloster E28/39Parked05-Feb-11 16:24
Views : 674
"Green" Beaver finished.
hjlittmanScratch Built Gloster E28/39Build05-Feb-11 16:22
Views : 644
Even the small details are tissue. These scoops were carved from balsa, sealed with water based Flecto Verithane, covered with wet tissue and Uhu glue stick and sprayed with Krylon on this simple fixture.
hjlittmanScratch Built Gloster E28/39Build05-Feb-11 16:20
Views : 889
Another Beaver prototype. This one is an all tissue job too. Trying to meet target design weight with a decorated model.
hjlittmanScratch Built Gloster E28/39Build05-Feb-11 16:17
Views : 708
L-20/U6A Version of Beaver. Covered with metallized tissue. Paint and ink do not stick to metallized tissue so all markings have to be glued on tissue.
hjlittmanScratch Built Gloster E28/39Build24-Jul-07 00:01
Views : 985
Starting Point. First find a good 3 view drawing to make plans from
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
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