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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
jerry campbellWest Wings TopazBuild21-Sep-14 07:30
Views : 298
jerry campbellWest Wings TopazBuild21-Sep-14 07:29
Views : 392
I always like inflight shots, even if the prop is not turning.
jerry campbellWest Wings TopazBuild21-Sep-14 07:26
Views : 285
jerry campbellWest Wings TopazBuild15-Sep-14 13:32
Views : 313
The tail must also be puttied and sanded.
jerry campbellWest Wings TopazParked15-Aug-14 06:21
Views : 333
Every inch Kurt Tank's masterpiece in 1/32s scale all the errors are mine not his.
Heinrich DorfmannWest Wings TopazParked22-Sep-12 16:26
Views : 385
Ready for flight. Total weight incl. rubber is now 48g, which I think is too much. Let's see whether it flies.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
Heinrich DorfmannWest Wings TopazParked22-Sep-12 16:25
Views : 348
Close up of the additional bulkhead.
Heinrich DorfmannWest Wings TopazParked22-Sep-12 16:24
Views : 317
I needed a lot of weight, so I added an additional 1/4" (6mm) bulkhead to the front with a small weight chamber. Probably doped the elevator and fin too much.
Heinrich DorfmannWest Wings TopazParked22-Sep-12 16:22
Views : 334
Windshields & windows installed, balancing ...
Heinrich DorfmannWest Wings TopazParked16-Sep-12 09:43
Views : 372
As is evident from this picture, fin and elevator is not really straight. I wonder whether this will ever be a good flyer. I still have to add wind shields and do some balancing, it is now tail-heavy.
Heinrich DorfmannWest Wings TopazParked16-Sep-12 09:41
Views : 382
After covering, prop and rubber installed. It took me quiete a while to get the rubber into the fuselage. I wonder how everybody else is doing that - surely they put the rubber in before covering ? Weight is now 48 grams with rubber.
Heinrich DorfmannWest Wings TopazParked04-Aug-12 13:36
Views : 462
Ready for covering. Weight is now about 15 grams.
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