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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
SteveMMidwest Products Aero-Star .40Flying25-Jan-09 01:09
Views : 695
I got plenty of flying in too but had a close call. I was making a wide sweep with the Aero-Star to line up for a touch and go. I got a little too far away and suddenly realized that pole was between me and the plane so I hit the gas and grabbed elevator.
SteveMMidwest Products Aero-Star .40Flying25-Jan-09 01:07
Views : 714
Ed was kind enough to help my friend again this weekend. The plane was finally air worthy so he go to learn on his own plane, but the controls were too sensitive so time was spent adjusting the linkages. Hopefully soon the plane will be dialed in.
SteveMMidwest Products Aero-Star .40Flying17-Jan-09 17:06
Views : 711
Ed showing my friend/coworker how to fuel up and start his engine. He purchased the plane from the LHS 2 years ago but didn't know anyone that flew till he saw me browsing the VA one day. The engine has never been started and he has never flown before.
SteveMMidwest Products Aero-Star .40Flying17-Jan-09 17:03
Views : 658
Fog initially limited flying to smaller and slower aircraft like the Tyro, Slow Stick, and similar. My flights on the Tyro were limited by cold hands, not battery capacity. Props and wings were icing up in the freezing fog.
SteveMMidwest Products Aero-Star .40Flying17-Jan-09 16:59
Views : 792
Aero-Star finally gets decal, but still no cowl blocks till I figure out if I am done messing with the motor yet. Say good bye to the sun.
SteveMMidwest Products Aero-Star .40Flying02-Jan-09 12:23
Views : 758
Here you can see the rain and its angle.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
SteveMMidwest Products Aero-Star .40Flying01-Jan-09 16:48
Views : 720
I took advantage of a period of lighter rain (and stronger wind) to break out the Aero-Star. I took two laps about the field then landed and made haste to thaw out at the nearest heater. Two laps may not sound like much, but in this weather that is a lot.
SteveMMidwest Products Aero-Star .40Flying01-Jan-09 16:43
Views : 676
A few brave souls ventured out into the rain to get a few minutes aloft, many landings missed the runway due to gusting wind and numb fingers. There was a continuous rain shower all morning, even though it is not visible in these pictures.
SteveMMidwest Products Aero-Star .40Flying01-Jan-09 16:40
Views : 782
Wind and rain turned most everyone into armchair pilots. Propane heaters, coffee, and a big pot of chili helped keep everyone warm.
SteveMMidwest Products Aero-Star .40Flying01-Jan-09 16:36
Views : 704
Turn out for the club's 2009 Polar Bear Fly In was surprisingly good this year.
SteveMMidwest Products Aero-Star .40Flying14-Oct-08 16:12
Views : 663
I finally found time and suitable weather to dist off my transmitter and planes. Of course the 0-1 MPH wind that was forecasted was more like 5+ MPH with gusts. The sun is far enough to the South now to allow landing from the East in the morning.
SteveMMidwest Products Aero-Star .40Flying30-Jul-08 12:45
Views : 707
I landed and came to a stop where the crossing had been attempted. I hoped to get a picture of them walking past the plane, but she would have nothing to do with it and blew at it (sounds like a sneeze) several times to voice her distrust and alarm.
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