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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
pfinnJetco Thermic 50Reference05-Apr-09 02:05
Views : 945
Sheesh, what will they think up next!
pfinnJetco Thermic 50Reference05-Apr-09 02:03
Views : 876
pfinnJetco Thermic 50Reference05-Apr-09 02:02
Views : 974
Chino, Planes of Fame museum
pfinnJetco Thermic 50Reference05-Apr-09 02:00
Views : 895
pfinnJetco Thermic 50Parked30-Mar-09 11:50
Views : 737
Woke to a cackling coven of crows right outside my doorstep this morn. Looked up in the tree and...
pfinnJetco Thermic 50Build29-Mar-09 02:27
Views : 983
Ahhhh...the simple joys in life... a sharp planer.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
pfinnJetco Thermic 50Build29-Mar-09 02:20
Views : 816
Building up for fairly sculpted part of aileron.
pfinnJetco Thermic 50Build29-Mar-09 02:16
Views : 773
Finally got some time. Ribs capped, Balsa w/Basswood hinge edging.
pfinnJetco Thermic 50Build22-Mar-09 04:18
Views : 767
Finally got started. Added spar. .118"x .019" thk extruded carbon strip laminated to 1/32" balsa caps w/ 1/16" hard basa shear webbing full-length (Balsa on caps go on outside, looks thing, sorry). Major aileron surgery next. Bottom hinged, 1/64" ply top gap-seal, radiused wiper for aileron. A clean wings' a happy wing! Zoom Zoom.... Well sorta.
pfinnJetco Thermic 50Build16-Mar-09 04:12
Views : 912
Appologies to Mr. Zaic for red-lining his design. Doin' ailerons...with bellcranks! Why?...Why not? Trying to keep it vintagee.
pfinnJetco Thermic 50Build07-Mar-09 02:33
Views : 945
Since both my Pat's Custom Models Brown B-2 "Miss L.A." and Easy Built "TAUBE" have yet to arrive, I dusted off another one I've been schleppin" around for 35+ years for my next project. Plus it is shaping up to be a beautiful spring and Simpleflyer's "Javelin" photos are getting to me! Gliders are pretty much my thing to begin with.
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