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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
pfinnShortys Basement BV-215Reference31-Oct-11 19:38
Views : 645
The Dutch bomber group that my ill fated BV-215 was to belong to. Waterslide decal sheet.
pfinnShortys Basement BV-215Reference15-Apr-11 22:46
Views : 817
pfinnShortys Basement BV-215Build13-Dec-10 22:39
Views : 740
After a little regrouping, the wing rebuild commences. I had scanned all the laser cut parts before I began the build which turned out very helpful. As was my preference to use little individual building boards. All the shims are still intact. This will be the second time to rebuild wings on this model. Should go fast. Third times' the charm! ;D.
pfinnShortys Basement BV-215Parked11-Dec-10 20:40
Views : 846
"Parked"....Oh well, "It" happens. :..o(. On to the Eindecker!
pfinnShortys Basement BV-215Reference10-Dec-10 12:38
Views : 669
Acrylic ink. Water soluable until it dries then it's definitely permanent. The Cover-Lite is non-pourous so it took a couple layers to get full opacity. It does wipe off with dope thinner ;o). About 20 drops did 2-3 coats of entire upper surface. This will be awsome on tissue. Full color range including pearls. Just use the dropper and drop into the airbrush cup. Better clean up fast though.
pfinnShortys Basement BV-215Build10-Dec-10 01:30
Views : 780
This on top, black on bottom. This REALLY gonna be hard to see flying. "Which way is it going?! Uhhh....... I dunno." ;o)
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
pfinnShortys Basement BV-215Build27-Nov-10 03:38
Views : 815
Started covering. Green base upper, black under. Cover-Lite again.
pfinnShortys Basement BV-215Reference24-Nov-10 22:55
Views : 718
Creosotewind, one could clamp (or glue) two single edge razors together and use to score (cut) the panel lines. Dig out the middle. This was in aircraft birch ply. Net groove width: .010" ; the width of the blade. Space it for wider lines.
pfinnShortys Basement BV-215Parked19-Nov-10 18:21
Views : 789
Something like this. I flush mounted some 1/64" ply to the top surface as a base to mount stuff to.
pfinnShortys Basement BV-215Build19-Nov-10 18:17
Views : 673
Put the "Dog Leg" into it for adjustability. Flying wings typically don't need very much control surface deflection. To reduce control throw initially I will be able to open up the angle of the Dog. I made the loop to ensure I don't work harden and snap the wire when adjusting. Plus if you guys have'nt guessed yet, I kinda like bending wire. ;o)
pfinnShortys Basement BV-215Build19-Nov-10 18:08
Views : 644
Since there are so many funky angles, I'm bending some torque rod/control horn linkages. Pushrod is .015 Dia.. Torque rod is .030 Dia.
pfinnShortys Basement BV-215Build14-Nov-10 11:51
Views : 746
Although further away, this shot is more indicative of the true color.
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