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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
pfinnDumas Kit #220, Westland LysanderReference29-Jul-11 18:04
Views : 792
pfinnDumas Kit #220, Westland LysanderReference23-Oct-10 21:59
Views : 810
Therm-mite 22 finally finished. 20 min. here, 30min. there, one of the unfinished, finished.
pfinnDumas Kit #220, Westland LysanderReference27-Mar-10 10:39
Views : 765
Carbon fiber/Rohacell sandwich "Boom/Keel"? The usual PZ brick with two remote servos for Flaperons.
pfinnDumas Kit #220, Westland LysanderReference27-Mar-10 10:35
Views : 794
A powered Gilder, Hand/Discus launch, Indoor flyer thingee dingee... with flaperons..
pfinnDumas Kit #220, Westland LysanderReference27-Mar-10 10:30
Views : 788
Between a DD project, the Lysander, and now work (which really isn't so bad ;)...) this is Jimmy's belated and still not finished Birthday present from Dad (me). "Therm-mite 22" I guess. James? Add another? Sheesh.
pfinnDumas Kit #220, Westland LysanderBuild05-Mar-10 20:37
Views : 1174
I'm beginning to understand why Hog Farmers think pigs are beautiful ;o).
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
pfinnDumas Kit #220, Westland LysanderBuild05-Mar-10 20:32
Views : 961
Used some modelllng board for LG mounting bracket, 2mm square carbon rod wrapped with carbon tow (to prevent spltting) for the legs, .032" wire for the rest. Wing struts .055" sq. carbon rod (not wrapped, pretty much tension only) with G10 fittings. These will be pinned for removal.
pfinnDumas Kit #220, Westland LysanderBuild05-Mar-10 20:20
Views : 1027
While waiting for some silicon to cure, I did work on the Lysander. LG, Canopy test fit, and started wing struts.
pfinnDumas Kit #220, Westland LysanderBuild04-Feb-10 21:52
Views : 873
AUW so far, including battery. Balances good. Indoor/Outdoor. Maybe I'll get a real video camera for this one to make sure if something spectacular happens (other than it actually flying, that is). Carnage happens in this wonderful hobby. It's even better in Hi-Def nowadays!
pfinnDumas Kit #220, Westland LysanderBuild04-Feb-10 15:13
Views : 987
The battery compartment will be down the center. 1s 150Mah 15c.
pfinnDumas Kit #220, Westland LysanderBuild04-Feb-10 15:11
Views : 1565
Installed. Apperantly thr Lysander wanted a radio compartment hatch. It will be located forward of the canopy. Thid section of the fuse sort of removed itself during handling. he he ;o0.
pfinnDumas Kit #220, Westland LysanderBuild04-Feb-10 15:06
Views : 912
Mounted the radio "Brick" (reciever,2 servos.Esc). The stock motor mount's (white) four posts (well I kinda broke one off, doh!) squeeze tightly into the four silicon inserts (Handy Dandy fuel line... again). Why? Your guess is as good as mine! Maybe to keep the gear buzz from resonating through the model like a speaker. ;o). Machined in 2 degrees right thrust and 1.5 down. Will be swinging a big Prop (relatively speaking).
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