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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
pfinnScratch Built TwinsterReference30-Jul-11 12:30
Views : 549
Had to look this one up. F-4J "Fury". The "Fury" is this. This would make sweet Display model. (David) ;o). Here's some nice "Fury" ref.,+Planos,++Maquetas+%2B+Video)+N.A.+FJ-1-3-4+FURY .
pfinnScratch Built TwinsterReference08-Jul-11 23:39
Views : 565
I've been very busy with an other project lately so I decided to take a respite. I purchased a "Plantraco" Micro RC system and am building a new "Indoor" aircraft for it. Sketched it up by hand first, then imported a scan to my CAD (Rhino). Built it, and developed the ribs according to my airfoil of choice. I just printed these out and cut them out manually with a hobby knife. The ribs are .020 " (.5 mm) with a Bass L.E. and a .015 Carbon T.E. WS is 8". The planform of this thing is similar to the classic "Flying Flea" with two staggered wings and a verticle fin aft. James, could you add "Scratch built Indoor Flyer" ? Thanks. Phil.
pfinnScratch Built TwinsterReference22-Mar-10 17:09
Views : 697
pfinnScratch Built TwinsterReference22-Mar-10 17:08
Views : 737
pfinnScratch Built TwinsterReference21-Jan-10 11:34
Views : 689
Before the Cannon. Made four of these for the kids. Shoots marbles. Needless to say, the kids need protective etewear when they play with these!
pfinnScratch Built TwinsterReference20-Jan-10 16:17
Views : 704
Something new every time. I love this place.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
pfinnScratch Built TwinsterReference20-Jan-10 16:15
Views : 806
I am getting better. I only walked out with a book this time!
pfinnScratch Built TwinsterReference20-Jan-10 16:13
Views : 699
Goodies, and more goodies.
pfinnScratch Built TwinsterReference20-Jan-10 16:12
Views : 772
This is my "Happy Place".
pfinnScratch Built TwinsterReference20-Jan-10 09:45
Views : 621
Just loosen the clamping lever at the base, and a cable that runs through the ball and tube assy. loosens and it's like a wet noodle. Can hold it high, low, wherever. Really saves on the neck and back pain.
pfinnScratch Built TwinsterReference20-Jan-10 09:41
Views : 630
Hey JohnG, this is what i meant by adding a couple more clips. I got rid of the base and mounted to an articulating indicator stand for positional freedom.
pfinnScratch Built TwinsterParked17-Jan-10 22:40
Views : 590
He thinks I don't know that he's giving me the "Evil Eye". I told him if he didn't stay still for the picture I'd just have to pin it on!
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