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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
John CooperComet Stinson SR-7Parked24-Dec-11 07:35
Views : 646
The Reliant joins the Peanut Christmas Tree which has grown a little over the last couple years. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
John CooperComet Stinson SR-7Parked23-Dec-11 14:09
Views : 549
The large prop is quite non-scale but a necessity for a long flight.
John CooperComet Stinson SR-7Parked23-Dec-11 14:07
Views : 517
The large tab on the port wing is meant to keep this wing from dropping in a left turn.
John CooperComet Stinson SR-7Parked23-Dec-11 14:06
Views : 566
I built a light balsa prop because I thought a plastic prop would have been too heavy.
John CooperComet Stinson SR-7Parked23-Dec-11 14:05
Views : 454
The Reliant finished up at 6.3g, but quite nose heavy. It actually glides quite well without the prop and nose block.
John CooperComet Stinson SR-7Build22-Dec-11 11:05
Views : 500
The completed fuselage and stab come in at 3.7g, 0.6g more than the penny in the foreground. The wing struts poke through the balsa gear fairings so that I can adjust the dihedral, when I attach the wings.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
John CooperComet Stinson SR-7Build20-Dec-11 13:26
Views : 438
I am covering the model with pre-shrunk domestic tissue the has been chalked with red. The black markings are from an laser printer.
John CooperComet Stinson SR-7Build20-Dec-11 13:24
Views : 441
The cowl is a light frame, wrapped with 1/32 sheet,
John CooperComet Stinson SR-7Build20-Dec-11 13:22
Views : 568
The sparse framework of Comet is ideal for a peanut model. The ribs are 1/32 contest balsa.
John CooperComet Stinson SR-7Build20-Dec-11 13:20
Views : 478
This is a peanut scale (13"), build from scaled down Comet SR-7 plans.
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