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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
pakasit1812Scratch Built AntoinetteFlying04-Sep-10 13:10
Views : 527
Eventually I had replaced the installed brushless motor with a geared 180 DC. The first flight can be seen on
pakasit1812Scratch Built AntoinetteParked21-Aug-10 13:47
Views : 639
Hi, I had a problem with my laptop. It is now fixed. I flew this 37" Antoinette day before yesterday. She flew very well. I had made a movie clip of the flight. Too bad, my camcorder is an old analogue type. I will try to convert it to digital format and upload it to Youtube today, before I leave to Sydney/Brisbane for a 10 day business trip.
pakasit1812Scratch Built AntoinetteReference11-Aug-10 12:07
Views : 484
This is the only plan I used to build my Antoinette. Hope it is good enough for you. I intentionally increased it's wing dihedral to get better stability. It looks a bit out of scale. But it will make life easier when it's flying.
pakasit1812Scratch Built AntoinetteParked10-Aug-10 14:18
Views : 551
All up weight is 7oz. A foamy Antoinette which is super easy to build. I made it in a hospital while attending my 88 year old mom who suffered kidneys failure.
pakasit1812Scratch Built AntoinetteParked10-Aug-10 14:09
Views : 506
The little one is waiting for a tiny 3.7V lipo bat. The large one has 37" wingspan and will be ready for it's first flight in a few days, needs pilot.
pakasit1812Scratch Built AntoinetteParked26-Jul-10 12:34
Views : 538
First flight failed due to expired battery (75mah,lipo). Couldn't find replacement yet because of long weekend.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
pakasit1812Scratch Built AntoinetteParked23-Jul-10 02:55
Views : 503
Awaiting pilot.
pakasit1812Scratch Built AntoinetteBuild21-Jul-10 14:45
Views : 521
The motor and battery were canibalized from a tiny helicopter. Propeller is 3 15/16in.homebaked. I don't know yet how to control motor running time. Don't wanna see it gone with the wind again.
pakasit1812Scratch Built AntoinetteBuild21-Jul-10 02:51
Views : 710
My scratch built 16 3/4" wingspan Antoinette 1907. Brace wires and pilot figure will be added. Expected all up weight 14 grams.This Antoinette will be my first free flght model after the lost one 39 years ago.
rgoodScratch Built AntoinetteParked16-Feb-10 17:25
Views : 612
Free flight model built in the 1970's? I think!
rgoodScratch Built AntoinetteParked16-Feb-10 17:23
Views : 553
rgoodScratch Built AntoinetteParked16-Feb-10 17:22
Views : 510
Gear has working suspension.
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