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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
hjlittmanEasy Built Heinkel 112Parked03-Mar-11 13:35
Views : 545
The motor jammed back onto the peg. This makes a model this light really out of balance. At least the prop, peg, and motor are salvagable.
hjlittmanEasy Built Heinkel 112Parked03-Mar-11 13:33
Views : 808
OK, I ^%#$@&* give up! It wasn't a very good scale replica of an He-112B anyway. The Comet one is more accurate but still has some errors, so I think I will draw one up myself. You would think that the way it floated around that it was too light to hurt itself, but the motor came off the hook as it climbed out and it did an indescribable series of mamuvers before impacting the grass. That's what I get for using the hook that came in the kit instead of my usual prop shaft or a Gizmo Geezer front end.
hjlittmanEasy Built Heinkel 112Parked21-Feb-11 19:23
Views : 667
It gained 5 grams in the rebuild with all the extra structure. The 37 gram weight is with and FAC legal motor, 15% empty weight. It
hjlittmanEasy Built Heinkel 112Parked21-Feb-11 19:21
Views : 714
Bottom of rebuilt Heinkel. Except for spinner and radiator it's all colored tissue.
hjlittmanEasy Built Heinkel 112Parked21-Feb-11 19:09
Views : 634
Rebuilt Heinkel with markings
hjlittmanEasy Built Heinkel 112Build10-Feb-11 10:37
Views : 772
Heinkle re-do. The original wing ribs were so "punky" that shrinking the tissue compressed them into "S" curves giving warps that could not be steamed out. The model was unflyable. There were some other weakness in the fuselags, part because of the soft wood and part because of the design, even after I added some reinforcement. I tore the coveing off and did some re-engineering with stronger wood. The model is now going back together, warp free, and stronger, but seems. from weighing the components, to have only gained a couple of grams. Weather premitting, flight tests next week.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
hjlittmanEasy Built Heinkel 112Parked22-May-10 10:49
Views : 858
Not easy bo build without breaking it, but once it's all together it is amazingly sturdy. I replaced the six inch "white prop" that came in the kit with an eigh inch one. Made it slightly nose heavy, but easy to trim out. The trimming flights are a testiment to the "build it light enough and it can't fall hard enough to hurt itself" school of thought. With rubber and ballast it weighs 32 grams. Motot can take 1500 turns so it has a chance if there is zero wind in the morning.
hjlittmanEasy Built Heinkel 112Parked22-May-10 10:44
Views : 770
Not exactly finished, but flyable which is all I need for the contest tomorow morning. If it survives the contest I will put the control surface lines and wheel wheel detial on it along with the exhause pipe and unit markings.
hjlittmanEasy Built Heinkel 112Build20-May-10 09:35
Views : 753
A veritable orgy of covering. Working on the Heinkle and four other models at once. The Easy built instructions say you can can wet cover with the domestic tissue supplied. Well, sort of. Works on the fuselage if you are very careful. The wings threatened to become pretzles. Didn't even try on the tail pieces. Still looks like it'[s going to hit that 25 gram target weight without rubber.
hjlittmanEasy Built Heinkel 112Build14-May-10 13:13
Views : 677
Two pin nose block key. I saw this type of nose block key used very effectively by some other modelers and tried it. Now it's about all I use. Former and nose plug are faced with 1/64 inch plywood. Pins are bamboo. Thrust button is Dare, not old style Guillow's thrust button supplied in kit. New style Guillow's thrust buttons are OK.
hjlittmanEasy Built Heinkel 112Build14-May-10 13:08
Views : 744
Tacked together for obligatory "bones shot". This has a 24 inche wing span and 80 square inches of wing area. Even with all the extra gussets and braces it still weighs only 15 grams as seen. I estimate that covering, details and prop will add another 10 grams.
hjlittmanEasy Built Heinkel 112Build30-Apr-10 07:08
Views : 758
Properly gulled wing. Uncovered, this whole wing half only weighs 2 grams even with the extra parts I added for strength.
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