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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
wingspannerRBC Spitfire Mk IBuild23-May-10 11:11
Views : 600
Started installing retracts
wingspannerRBC Spitfire Mk IBuild13-May-10 13:08
Views : 596
Retracts finally arrived. These are great.No need for servos. The retracts have their own built in motor.
wingspannerRBC Spitfire Mk IBuild13-Apr-10 13:16
Views : 640
Tail section hinged.
wingspannerRBC Spitfire Mk IBuild13-Apr-10 13:14
Views : 531
Exhaust stacks coated and primed.
wingspannerRBC Spitfire Mk IBuild13-Apr-10 13:14
Views : 623
Fuselage is sheeted and first couple of coats of primer.
wingspannerRBC Spitfire Mk IBuild13-Apr-10 13:12
Views : 617
Sorry guys. Forgot to post some pics. Motor is mounted ordered a 3 blade prop and spinner but prop arrived and it was a pusher.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
wingspannerRBC Spitfire Mk IBuild28-Mar-10 07:07
Views : 552
Had to alter the front slightly to accomodate the notor.
wingspannerRBC Spitfire Mk IBuild28-Mar-10 07:06
Views : 592
A number of people have complained about these kits. I find them great. The plans are slightly different to the cnc cut timber. but the parts fit well and it all seems solib. All balsa has been supplied including the 1/16 timber for covering and the cockpit etc. I wouldn't hesitate in buying another one. I like the Trojan. I'm waiting for my retracts to arrive so i've started on the fuse.
wingspannerRBC Spitfire Mk IBuild21-Mar-10 13:54
Views : 574
I managed to buy a galvised sheet from my local sheet metal merchant and i'm using my magnetic jigs for building.
wingspannerRBC Spitfire Mk IBuild21-Mar-10 13:53
Views : 560
I scanned in the plans and completely redrawn them. I've altered the wings to show the retracts and also altered the nose to account for the different size motor. Also the original pans ran out by nearly 3mm compared to the cnc timber so allowances had to be made for that.
wingspannerRBC Spitfire Mk IBuild21-Mar-10 13:50
Views : 523
An example of the CNC cutting.
wingspannerRBC Spitfire Mk IBuild21-Mar-10 13:40
Views : 558
Thanks alot James that was quick!
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