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pakasit1812Scratch Built Fairchild 24JFlying25-Jun-10 13:52
Views : 642
This was my 24 in.Fairchild 24J during flight 4 years ago. It was given to a friend and still intact.
pakasit1812Scratch Built Fairchild 24JReference25-Jun-10 13:47
Views : 567
Just found these lost paired photos in my old external hard disk. Hope this Fairchild 24 is still around in New Zealand.
pakasit1812Scratch Built Fairchild 24JParked27-Mar-10 14:56
Views : 652
This Fairchild 24J was built after a real one on static display at our Royal Thai Airforce Museum. It flies very,very well until a day I flew it and hit a treetop. Write off.! ! ! u
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
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