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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
FLYBOYZGWS Pico Tiger MothParked06-May-11 12:43
Views : 652
The Beast coudn,t resiet buying it to windy to fly right now
FLYBOYZGWS Pico Tiger MothParked04-Dec-10 17:33
Views : 713
up grade
FLYBOYZGWS Pico Tiger MothParked08-Aug-10 05:21
Views : 791
Well here it is going on its seventh fligth a little bird was chasing it guess he though it was to slow and left it.I got too steep in a turn and fell just did pull out in time.Have to make very slow turns.This is hard to do with towering trees about lol!
FLYBOYZGWS Pico Tiger MothParked07-Aug-10 13:37
Views : 820
ready for test flight
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
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