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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
FLYBOYZACE M-4 Sherman TankParked30-Nov-14 10:30
Views : 265
FLYBOYZACE M-4 Sherman TankParked30-Nov-14 10:30
Views : 299
Finally got my M41 Walker decked out still want to add afew details got a sniper rifle want to hang on it.In the back ground is my old Abarm shes still crawling got heck of a gear ratio:]Want to figure out some camo netting
FLYBOYZACE M-4 Sherman TankParked29-Nov-14 11:37
Views : 299
M41 Walker Bulldog.Still needs more detail work.Runs a 7.2 volt pack with metal tracks and sporcket.
CreosotewindACE M-4 Sherman TankParked06-Feb-12 11:00
Views : 499
I am a board member of the Arizona Military Museum. We have started interviewing veterans. One of them was a radio operator/gunner on B-24s. He trained in Yuma. One of the items he donated was this decal sheet. Pretty cool stuff.
CreosotewindACE M-4 Sherman TankParked01-Feb-12 14:56
Views : 529
A German halftrack. Between it and the Hetzer you can see the top of a Kubelwagen, a VW version of the Jeep. It was reissued as the "Thing" in the mid 70s.
CreosotewindACE M-4 Sherman TankParked01-Feb-12 14:54
Views : 524
The bad guys were there as well. This is a German Hetzer with a 75mm cannon.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
CreosotewindACE M-4 Sherman TankParked29-Nov-11 15:53
Views : 609
This is my next long term project. Any guesses as to what it is?
CreosotewindACE M-4 Sherman TankParked29-Nov-11 13:48
Views : 626
This must have fallen at one point and damaged the port side. Fortunately, the builder put these braces in the wing root so the plane was not too badly damaged.
CreosotewindACE M-4 Sherman TankParked29-Nov-11 13:47
Views : 716
A quick new project. Restoring this solid balsa B-26 I bought on eBay quite a while ago. Whoever made this did a really nice job, many, many years ago.
CreosotewindACE M-4 Sherman TankParked29-Nov-11 13:36
Views : 649
A few more of the Sherman.
CreosotewindACE M-4 Sherman TankParked15-Nov-11 11:58
Views : 604
Another view.
CreosotewindACE M-4 Sherman TankParked15-Nov-11 10:58
Views : 566
I "painted" the tank with pastels using medium and light olive green to fade the paint, and charcoal and black for shadow effects. I also used rust and tan for weathering and aging the paint. The USMC, "ANN" and serial numbers are R.R. rub on letters. The turret number is hand painted.
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