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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
spritekatComet F6F HellcatBuild17-Mar-13 19:13
Views : 576
Here's the assembled, as-supplied propeller unit, installed on the Hellcat's nose.
spritekatComet F6F HellcatBuild17-Mar-13 15:02
Views : 512
My first-ever build of one of the original Comet 'Speed-O-Matic' props. Note the period-correct accessories!
spritekatComet F6F HellcatBuild17-Mar-13 15:00
Views : 616
Another one salvaged from eBay; some prior owner had cut out the fuselage formers and started glueing together the top & bottom longerons. Fuselage is now finished. On to the wings...
spritekatComet F6F HellcatBuild17-Mar-13 14:57
Views : 586
Holy stringers Batman!
ftomstarkComet F6F HellcatFlying28-Jun-11 22:18
Views : 870
this is what I was trying to achieve with this model
ftomstarkComet F6F HellcatFlying28-Jun-11 22:16
Views : 737
near trees, crshed it to keep it from getting stuck in a tree, about 2 hours of repair.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
ftomstarkComet F6F HellcatFlying28-Jun-11 22:13
Views : 852
the underside came out well for inflight pictures
ftomstarkComet F6F HellcatFlying28-Jun-11 22:10
Views : 813
looks good in the air but isn'r easy to fly
ftomstarkComet F6F HellcatFlying28-Jun-11 22:07
Views : 972
underhand launch of hellcat
ftomstarkComet F6F HellcatParked02-Jun-11 17:33
Views : 929
Damage is motor mount, and right wing. Its nearly repaired already. Next attempt will have about 3 degrees down thrust, a couple of notches of down elevator trim and the cg moved forward a little. I'll launch it with about 3/4 throttle instead of full since I'd ather it sag into the ground than zoom and stall.
ftomstarkComet F6F HellcatParked02-Jun-11 17:26
Views : 894
First flight attempt was not so good. It zommed up at about a 60 degree angle to about 20 feet, stalled then rolled right and came straight down. First flights on a new design are difficult since you don't reall knoe cg location. elevator trim angle and, in this case, down thrust. The real Hellcat has considerable down thrust which isn't shown on the Comet plans and probably should be.
ftomstarkComet F6F HellcatBuild01-Jun-11 17:52
Views : 781
Now that we have a pilot it is ready to fly. Will try tomorrow if the weather holds.
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