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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
Mr.HooverScratch Built Piper EnforcerParked29-Apr-11 09:29
Views : 566
Pretty much done except for panel lines.
Mr.HooverScratch Built Piper EnforcerParked21-Mar-11 13:35
Views : 575
Side view. Seems fairly lite even with the tip tanks and a bit of extra wood . . .
Mr.HooverScratch Built Piper EnforcerParked21-Mar-11 13:33
Views : 525
Finally got moving on this again. Ready for a prop and some paint!
Mr.HooverScratch Built Piper EnforcerBuild22-Feb-11 09:05
Views : 490
The darn canopy is slowing me down. Have tried upwards of 10 pulls, and I'm still not really happy. Going to frame up the stabilizer, then finish up the fuselage.
Mr.HooverScratch Built Piper EnforcerBuild10-Feb-11 12:48
Views : 523
Covered wing is in place. Darn thing still doesn't look like an Enforcer yet.
Mr.HooverScratch Built Piper EnforcerBuild10-Feb-11 12:46
Views : 473
Fuse and wing framed up. Wing design is . . . different. Plan never mentioned dihedral, so I took a guess. Still looks a bit flat. No provision for ordinance pylons, so I added some wood on the bottom to attach them to.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
Mr.HooverScratch Built Piper EnforcerBuild10-Feb-11 07:42
Views : 456
Starting the Piper Enforcer. I'm working from a Carstens plan - always had good luck with them. I've always liked this plane. I think it's the wing tip tanks.
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