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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
hjlittmanComet Kit #3204 - North American P-51AParked09-Nov-11 15:02
Views : 845
Turned out nose heavy but still under 30 grams with bb shot in tail. Lots of lift so needed severe down and right thrust. Old stock Chart Pak tape control outlines peeling off in cold weather. Contest it was to be flown in on Sunday was rained out which is OK since I need some fresh rubber. Flying on scavenged motor.
hjlittmanComet Kit #3204 - North American P-51AParked22-Oct-11 17:03
Views : 669
Comet P-51A temporarily occupying a space on ceiling while Piper takes priority.
hjlittmanComet Kit #3204 - North American P-51AReference13-Sep-11 15:36
Views : 595
Southern California sunset. There is a reason that painted backdrops in Hollywood movies look like this.
hjlittmanComet Kit #3204 - North American P-51ABuild06-Sep-11 16:57
Views : 726
Mustang is putting on weight. Plastic spinner is from another Mustang kit to the same approximate scale. I will make a lighter plastic for flying. Still needs control surface outlines on wings and exhaust stacks. Trying to keep it under 30 grams with rubber.
hjlittmanComet Kit #3204 - North American P-51ABuild30-Aug-11 14:48
Views : 693
Well, I got the wing recovered, but I'm still having trouble with the metallized tissue. I have other projects to attend to and this is not for competition, so I amd going to try a heat gun on the wrinkles, declare it done, and finish it. I'[m sure it will fly OK anyway.
hjlittmanComet Kit #3204 - North American P-51ABuild25-Aug-11 19:27
Views : 695
Covering on. Fuselage is OK, but this is the first time I tried to cover a wing with pre-shrunk tissue. Metallized Esaki is not the best choice for a first attempt at any technique. I'm going to rip it off and do it again.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
hjlittmanComet Kit #3204 - North American P-51ABuild11-Aug-11 10:46
Views : 727
Mustang ready for covering. The framework has been sealed with 50/50 IPN finish and water. The fuselage is strong enough to cover wet, but Iam going to use pre-shrunk tissue on the wings and tail feathers.
hjlittmanComet Kit #3204 - North American P-51ABuild11-Jul-11 17:14
Views : 696
Extra spar in wing, based on past experience.
hjlittmanComet Kit #3204 - North American P-51ABuild11-Jul-11 17:12
Views : 768
Added daigonal bracing in center fuselage bays, detachable nose block. and bottom spar in wing. Didn't remember this series being quite this light in late '40's and early '50s...Oh, yes! This strip wood is Balsa!
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