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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
hjlittmanHJL Models F7U CutlassParked22-Mar-15 20:02
Views : 276
David, You could say that I am into cats. This is what I see if I look up from my chair in the den.
hjlittmanHJL Models F7U CutlassParked08-Jul-13 22:45
Views : 447
This is the final version. The only change to be made is the substitution of a machine nut for the five BBs used as nose weight. I've discovered that I can't ship BBs in the kit since that constitutes "shipping amunition through the mails". Had this one cruising around 41 feet off the floor.
hjlittmanHJL Models F7U CutlassParked08-Jul-13 22:38
Views : 338
Line up of survivors of the 8 prototypes. The fun flyer, second from the bottom, called the WingyThingy, was scavanged from an earlier Cutlass to test the new wing design.
hjlittmanHJL Models F7U CutlassParked31-May-13 20:07
Views : 314
This is not scale or even semi-scale, but a "looks like it could have been" model. I decorated mine after a Bleriot-Spad 510 of the mid 1930's. Didn't get it trimmed in time for the contest, but got to fly it outdoors before the wind came up this morning and it is really a good performer at 20 grams,
hjlittmanHJL Models F7U CutlassParked31-May-13 20:03
Views : 304
This is a brief pause in my Cutlass development. It is a Bill Hannan design called the FAR-MAN and was done for a local, one-design, indoor contest. Takes a couple of hours to build and once you get it trimmed flies amazingly well.
hjlittmanHJL Models F7U CutlassFlying31-May-13 19:58
Views : 350
One of my neighbors took this on my block. He was taking pictures of some unusual birds in the nieghborhood when he looked up, and as he put it, there it was.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
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