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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
hjlittmanHJL Models F2A BuffaloParked16-Sep-13 23:31
Views : 348
F2A in the pre-WW2 skin
hjlittmanHJL Models F2A BuffaloParked30-Jul-13 12:30
Views : 421
"No-Cal" Fokker F.36 one off for a local indoor contast last Saturday night. The contest was "Two, Three, or Four Off The Floor", for multi-motored rubber powered models, R.O.G. Placed 2nd in 4 motor category.
hjlittmanHJL Models F2A BuffaloParked17-Jul-13 18:19
Views : 392
This is the production version of the F2A No-Cal. It is an unhurried 2 hour build using C/A and kicker and applying the skins with Uhu glue stick. This example took about five minutes to trim, needing just a bit of clay and bendint the thrust mount for a tight left turn. 450 turns on a loop of 3/32" rubber had it cruising around under a 23 foot ceilint. 500 turns was too much so 1/16" rubber will be used to reduce the climb and get longer flights.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
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