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David DuckettDumas Kit #233. MiG 17Flying19-May-17 20:48
Views : 83
The caption said it's a 15, not a 17.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #233. MiG 17Parked27-Jan-17 09:57
Views : 91
This pic goes BACK into my Hangar ...
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #233. MiG 17Parked27-Dec-16 17:15
Views : 163
This brief "Flight Story" about Van Coc on "Historic Wings", tell the REAL story of the Air War in Vietnam... website -
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #233. MiG 17Parked27-Dec-16 17:11
Views : 132
The best US Ace had 6 kills.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #233. MiG 17Parked27-Dec-16 17:09
Views : 129
"Nguyen Van Coc" - North Vietnam's leading Ace - 9 kills.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #233. MiG 17Parked27-Dec-16 17:03
Views : 114
AFTERTHOUGHT Looking Back ... I should have -1- glued the rudder on straight as per David Duckett's Mig 17 build (I had read it but forgot), -2- installed the rear view Periscope by the canopy, -3- installed wing fuel tanks, -4- built wing Anhedral (not the kit dihedral), as per D.D., -5- installed the third cannon beside the first two cannons, -6- made four K-5 air to air missiles, now that I researched it all....
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #233. MiG 17Parked27-Dec-16 16:53
Views : 127
Then I turned the trim sheet over and cut out all of the strip patterns I had traced on the back, peeled off the backing, and stuck each strip onto its canopy frame location. I added a little extra width on the canopy bottom strips, so that they woould extend down onto the fuselage a little bit further, to hide the canopy/fuse intersection line, and I painted little touchups on the intersection line of the canopy bottom frame where it met the fuse tissue.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #233. MiG 17Parked27-Dec-16 16:46
Views : 109
CANOPY COCKPIT FRAME The clear 0.020" thick cockpit canopy frames were made as follows... I used white printer paper to cut thin strips for the frames by sizing and recutting and test fitting them over the canopy frame. When they all fit and matched the frame nicely, I traced them onto the back of a Top Flite Trim Sheet (peel 'n stick) - but did not cut them out yet. On the coloured front of the trimsheet, I used the same acrylic paint colors that I mixed up that matched the camo tissue colors, and painted over the whole front of the color side of the trim sheet in the same camo pattern and let it dry.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #233. MiG 17Parked27-Dec-16 16:37
Views : 95
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #233. MiG 17Parked27-Dec-16 15:34
Views : 103
I used acrylic paints mixed up as best I could to match the camo tissue covering.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #233. MiG 17Parked27-Dec-16 15:32
Views : 86
PAINTING: The infil-planked forward fuse, the built-up nose cowl, the stiff paper rear fuse fairing, the vac-formed plastic jet engine nozzle fairing, the wing fences (which were really hard to make and glue on), the main gear nose wheels and doors, were all brush painted.
LASTWOODSMANDumas Kit #233. MiG 17Parked27-Dec-16 15:24
Views : 109
Later versions were also equipped with four - Kaliningrad K-5, air to air missiles. These were "beam-riding guidance", short-range, anti-bomber missiles.
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