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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
jerry campbellAZUR IAR-81C (1/32)Parked21-Sep-14 07:21
Views : 272
jerry campbellAZUR IAR-81C (1/32)Build21-Sep-14 07:19
Views : 349
Finished, my second build of a plastic kit.
jerry campbellAZUR IAR-81C (1/32)Build21-Sep-14 07:16
Views : 268
When the sprue starts to melt push together slightly and pull apart. Like many things "practice makes perfect".
jerry campbellAZUR IAR-81C (1/32)Build21-Sep-14 07:13
Views : 242
On plastic kits I've always used stretched sprue for an antenna wire. It is easily made by semi melting a piece of stretched spue over a candle. A lit cigarette works better but I quit over 20 years ago.
jerry campbellAZUR IAR-81C (1/32)Build21-Sep-14 07:08
Views : 259
After the Dullcoat has dried the canopy mask is removed and the guns, pitot tube and nav light on the wintips have been installed.
jerry campbellAZUR IAR-81C (1/32)Build21-Sep-14 07:03
Views : 247
The decals are finished, spinner and prop is temp in place and the rudder red has been touched up,
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
jerry campbellAZUR IAR-81C (1/32)Build21-Sep-14 06:56
Views : 250
Decaling is finished, next is a coat of Testors Dullcoat.
jerry campbellAZUR IAR-81C (1/32)Build21-Sep-14 06:53
Views : 251
The Azur provided decals are very delicate and slide off the paper faster than any decals I've ever worked with, emerse them in water for seconds not minutes. They also stick very quickly so place them carefully when sliding off the wet paper. The rudder decal is a bit short so there must be some red touch up.
jerry campbellAZUR IAR-81C (1/32)Build21-Sep-14 06:40
Views : 243
Spaying the model with Future floor polish (Klear in the UK) provides a glossy surface to which the decals will adhere to.
jerry campbellAZUR IAR-81C (1/32)Build15-Sep-14 13:50
Views : 371
The lower blue Geman light blue with a little more blue added.
jerry campbellAZUR IAR-81C (1/32)Build15-Sep-14 13:47
Views : 326
I am pleased with the olive green that I mixed with Tamiya flat acrylic.
jerry campbellAZUR IAR-81C (1/32)Build15-Sep-14 13:44
Views : 308
The basic paint is finished and the cowl is in place. The spinner and blades are temporarily in place.
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