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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying16-Jan-10 09:29
Views : 1188
The venerable Tyro flies again! The foam abomination is FMA's FunJet. The plane is made by Skyartec and FMA adds their Co-Pilot II system to it and sells it as a package. Since I got it for a review and didn't buy it I can still say I haven't purchased any ARF/RTF or foam planes. The red box is FMA's PowerLab 8, a 1000W, 8S, 30A multi-chemistry battery charger. I've been helping beta test it which has been a lot of fun but taken up a lot of my time in the evenings.
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying15-Nov-09 19:50
Views : 1285
Finally got out to the field for the first time in ages. It was blustery, but I managed to work my way through two battery packs and get in some touch and go practice. Of course when I come in for my final landing of the day a cross runway blast of wind did me in.
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying22-Jan-09 15:36
Views : 1251
After about 20 minutes I tried to make one too many laps around the field before coming in for a fresh battery. The rough landing a few feet shy of the runway should have been a non-event but some repairs such as to the wing mount here need more work.
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying22-Jan-09 15:34
Views : 1335
No one else was there, the sun was warm, it was quiet and peaceful. I got brave and flipped dual rates to high and did some rolls and a loop or two.
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying22-Jan-09 15:32
Views : 1314
Tuesday afternoon it occurred to me that it was 45F, clear skies, no wind, almost sunset, and I'd rather fly than write a thesis.
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying17-Jan-09 16:57
Views : 1252
I granted the Tyro a stay of execution with liberal use of CA, scotch tape, and a glue stick. The frost was so thick that walking on the mats was dangerous and a good puff of wind would have blown my flight box off the table.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
SteveMMolt Models TyroParked24-Dec-08 19:27
Views : 1241
They say not to fall in love with your first plane. I think the poor Tyro has had so many crashes and hanger rash events that it needs to be retired, I'd rather spend my time finishing up the Hellcat than address the structural issues.
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying19-Jun-08 13:23
Views : 1654
43F and 1 MPH wind this morning, a touch warm but managable. Later the wind picked up and my landings got rougher which brought to light two issues. The nose wheel cable came loose and the batteries broke through the hatch, time to fix them properly.
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying18-Jun-08 14:42
Views : 1666
Five seconds later - headed out to line up for another touch. I was able to go home after about 45 minutes of air time as a mild tumble in the grass ripped off the wing and I opted not to do a field repair with CA on account of my allergy.
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying18-Jun-08 14:40
Views : 1786
And go! (after a go then touch on the other end of the runway)
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying18-Jun-08 14:39
Views : 1717
Touch (just after this picture was taken)
SteveMMolt Models TyroFlying18-Jun-08 14:38
Views : 1621
Lining up with the runway and adjusting the motor speed to achieve the desired glide path.
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