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Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
hjlittmanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderParked01-Dec-12 01:33
Views : 450
Not quite finished, but "on the gear"
hjlittmanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderParked01-Dec-12 01:32
Views : 571
Magnetic "wheelwells" off wings.
hjlittmanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderParked27-Nov-12 19:58
Views : 390
I'm flying it "gear up" but wanted landing gear for display. I made some detachable "wheel wells" that are held on with rare earth magnets to a couple of small pieces of steel (cat food can lid) glued to the ribs under the covering. There is also a small piece of steel on the rear former to hold on the tailwheel and tailhook. The struts are wire wrapped with paper. They are not glued on to the "wheel wells" in the photo, but will be glued in after the back of the front strut covers and the struts have been painted. The square loops in the wires go around the magnets when they are glued in. Another piece of steel is under the middle of the fuselage for an intended Mk XIII torpedo.
hjlittmanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderBuild27-Nov-12 19:58
Views : 397
I did get a little farther along with the Skyraider. The nose block is finished with it's key. The flat plate nose block is a sandwich of 1/64" plywood, balsa and 1/64" plywood. The front of former 'A' is also faced with 1/64" plywood. Most people say this is unnecessary, but I have been flying my Typhoon, with a similar setup, for 8 years now.
hjlittmanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderBuild18-Oct-12 13:41
Views : 468
Sanded down, the filled area makes a better looking cowl anyway.
hjlittmanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderBuild18-Oct-12 13:40
Views : 431
The noses of the 900 series kits tend to be a little weak so I do a little fill in to make them stronger and easier to handle.
Hangar Aircraft Category Date Preview
hjlittmanGuillows Series 900 - SkyraiderBuild18-Oct-12 13:38
Views : 390
am doing a 900 Series Skyraider for the "G" Challenge this year. The Skyraider has been on my small building board for some months but has been sidetracked by more pressing projects. Since there are only 14 days left in this year's "G" Challenge I figured that I had better get to it. Of course I know someone who builds his contest models the night before the contest, but that is another story. The wood in this kit is quite light but a tad on the brittle side. I had to sand the back sides of the sheets to get the parts out. And, even then I still had to do some cutting. Fortunately, the sheets containing the fuselage sides were approximately the same density and grain structure, so the fuselage went together straight without any trouble.
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