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Guillows Series 1000 - P-47 Thunderbolt by wingspanner. Viewed 1020 times.
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Image Comments
wingspanner28-Feb-09 05:14
this is my favourite
Brian Kostecki28-Feb-09 08:49
Mine, too. What's the name of the book? Is there a top view of this jug?
poppy28-Feb-09 09:45
I hope to do another one of these modified to the razorback version. The problem with this picture and many others is they show black bands on fuselage, but Gabby's had only the white stripes outlined in black.
poppy28-Feb-09 09:50
Well, to correct myself, this only applied when stripes went all the way around. When top was overpainted, black stripes were added to the bottom. Duh!!!
Brian Kostecki28-Feb-09 10:04
Oops, I had forgotten that this was Gabreski's plane. Plenty of pictures on the internet if you do an image search for "Gabreski P-47".
wingspanner28-Feb-09 12:14 this is the book. If you do require any pics give me a shout. By the way George I could easily redraw the hun hunter nose art for you if you like?
Barnstormer28-Feb-09 19:29
Tony thats a very generous offer that would be very much appreciated.
wingspanner28-Feb-09 20:00
Already started....
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