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Guillows Series 2000 - B-29 Super Fortress by David Duckett. Viewed 442 times.
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David Duckett24-Mar-13 07:31
I drew on a centerline LIGHTLY with a pencil and measured where things should be. Then I used one of the plastic bomb bay doors from the kit as a template to draw on the doors.Next I used a regular piece of paper, which has perfect 90* angles, with one edge taped on the centerline to establish where the line going around the fuselage is.I marked lightly with lencil about three guide marks and then used a piece of flexible plastic to draw on the line. Lines. With these lines as reference the ones remaining to be added will be easier to establish.
julinick24-Mar-13 12:03
Very neat DD!! Your methods are awesome and thanks for sharing!!
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