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Comet Douglas A-26 Invader by Don C. Viewed 138 times.
Build Thread
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Don C08-Feb-18 21:02
It's going to take a bit of lumber.
David Duckett09-Feb-18 06:28
I really liked building this plane and am looking forward to seeing your build!
BriandKilby09-Feb-18 07:21
I built that one also don. just the regular scale though.
Huey V7709-Feb-18 07:44
Nice! I have to mention when I was about 10yrs old, my Dad was building me this kit. It was on the floor in a bedroom that wasn't used. The bones were done but not covered. I was looking at it on the floor when my little brother ran in and stepped on the middle of the fuselage. I'll never forget it. Dad built models for my all the time. I picked one up on e-bay to finish the story.
Huey V7709-Feb-18 07:48
Don, Volare Prod. makes 1/24 engine fronts, 7cyl and 9cyl,if your interested. I'm planning on picking up a few for the Diels kits that I have which are all 1/24 scale.
Don C09-Feb-18 12:52
So far so good. I'm with you, DD, this is a nice build. Seems like this may be an early "B" model. Later in the run they changed the canopy and most of the early ones were retrofitted in the field. Brian and DD - I've been studying your builds. They are going to help. Huey - thanks for the tip. I may do that. Hope you have forgiven your little brother by now. Have you built yours yet?
rayl09-Feb-18 18:07
WELL!!, (he said in a Huff), DD is doing the P-61 [near the top of my list] and now you are doing the A-26 [Again near the top of my list]:-(. I guess that I will look for another something else to do. Hmmm, maybe a Airco DH-2 that flies.
rayl09-Feb-18 18:08
BTW, I really like the idea of scaling it up to 1/24.
Huey V7710-Feb-18 00:50
Don, it's in the cue. I have a friend that flew the "K" model in Vietnam, and yes he's demented! And yes I forgave my brother years ago, unfortunately he's passed. Too young!
Don C10-Feb-18 10:13
Sorry Ray. That DH-2 is an ugly little thing, but a challenging build. Huey, Sorry about your brother.I haven't decided which way to go on the plane yet - leaning towards the South Pacific WWII. I had 3 good friends that flew there.
BriandKilby11-Feb-18 09:36
looks like it's coming together! nice!
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