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SIG Cabinaire by LASTWOODSMAN. Viewed 76 times.
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LASTWOODSMAN17-May-17 15:46
All glued up and ready to try again when there is no wind.
LASTWOODSMAN17-May-17 15:50
I added a balsa shim Wedge Plate just behind the blue nose block, for added Downthrust, as this model never got higher than 4 feet off the ground - maybe 450 winds will also help ...
mlriley54017-May-17 19:45
I try to get planes to fly right at 100-150 winds, and then add more winds after the plane has shown it can fly OK. I've had planes with lots of winds climb quickly and stall and then the torque pulls the plane over and it power dives into the ground before the motor gives out, a tragic outcome.
mlriley54017-May-17 19:50
If the tail shim doesn't do it, you can try a shim in the nose to change the prop angle, that usually has a big effect and also allows you to keep the glide ratio intact. If you can counteract the engine torque, you will get more lift from the left wing, which should help it climb.
LASTWOODSMAN17-May-17 20:12
Thanks for the tips Mlriley.
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