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Scratch Built North American P-51 by Don C. Viewed 102 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
Don C07-Nov-17 15:55
Left side cockpit
Don C07-Nov-17 16:10
This is one of the first 150 built for the British. After Pearl Harbor 57 were withheld for the AAF. There are a few names for it: P-51, P-51-1 and most were converted for photo recon and called F-6 (F for photo), but they all were called Mustangs. Way too much info, but this one is just a P-51 - no A,B, etc.
BriandKilby07-Nov-17 17:00
british called them mustang I, mustang II, ect? looking sleek don!
rgood07-Nov-17 18:34
It is looking good Don - what final colour scheme will you do?
rgood07-Nov-17 18:34
.....nice detailing!
Don C08-Nov-17 10:14
Thanks, and against my better judgement, it's going to be a dazzling paint job.
rayl08-Nov-17 10:19
A Dazzle Scheme?!!!!!! Very Cool! Give me a couple hours to buy stock in the 3M masking tape division. Seriously, I have recently had VERY good luck using "Frog Tape", especially the delicate surfaces variety. It's available at any of the Big Box stores.
Don C09-Nov-17 11:03
Thanks Ray. I'll try that.
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