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Scratch Built North American P-51 by Don C. Viewed 115 times.
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Image Comments
Don C07-Dec-17 14:49
Mr. O.: Browning Traditional Hunter in 45-70. Hurts what's in front and in back. Then your granddaughter takes a picture with the camera set in "fish eye".
John M Oshust07-Dec-17 15:08
You like the bang and recoil also. Pus my Henry I have a Ruger falling block carbine and a Thompson Center 45-70 pistol. That , my friend, is a thrill to shoot!
Don C07-Dec-17 15:55
Two hands I'll bet.
Don C07-Dec-17 15:56
And a Pedersoli rolling block Creedmore. Don't shoot that one much.
John M Oshust07-Dec-17 16:31
Wow! I like that cannon 💥
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