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Dave Diels Engineering, Inc Kit #27, Nakajima Ki27 Nate by jerry campbell. Viewed 849 times.
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Image Comments
jerry campbell25-May-08 14:07
An AVG Tomahawk dives on a Nate of the 77th Sentai.
Barnstormer25-May-08 17:56
Nice job Jerry, These two go together perfectly. The P-40 looks like he has the jump on the Nate.
jerry campbell25-May-08 20:25
Historically they usually did get the jump on them, the AVG shot down a lot of Nates which caught fire and blew up rather easily. Sad to see what is happening in Burma today.
jgood26-May-08 08:17
Two fabulous looking models there... I wonder if some thin fishing line would be less obtrusive for hanging them?
jerry campbell26-May-08 13:00
The line is not as obtrusive in person as it is in the photos.
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