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Scratch Built Solid Models by Creosotewind. Viewed 446 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
Creosotewind27-Oct-14 16:42
julinick27-Oct-14 16:48
Hats of to a fabulous F-16 fighter. The detail is perfect and it definitely shows it. I'm far from mastering a model like this, but it sure pushes me to better myself. Thanks for the wonderful posts!!!!
Creosotewind27-Oct-14 16:50
Thanks! Hope I didn't bore anyone with all the posts, but finally getting it done, I am a bit excited. I'd like to do another one of these, but really trick it out. Some day....
BriandKilby27-Oct-14 18:09
very nice creo!
poppy28-Oct-14 18:25
The modifications to this bird turned out great!
Creosotewind28-Oct-14 20:45
Thanks Poppy, Brian, Julinick. A fun project.
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