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Megatech LZ-129 Hindenburg by Luke War. Viewed 545 times.
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Image Comments
Luke War08-Aug-10 14:05
Hey all...just wanted to say hello from Ft. Eustis, VA. This is the first chance I've had to stop by the site in awhile. Made it through Army basic training, now Im learning to repair these big beautifully-ugly birds! Cant wait to get back to the balsa though. I think checking up on the site here will help take the edge off until I get home. You guys have been up to some AWESOME builds as usual...keep up the good work!
David Duckett08-Aug-10 14:38
Heartiest congratulations and a proper military hand salute for a new soldier!
JohnG.08-Aug-10 15:09
..and a HUGE "Thank You" for your service to our Country!!!
BillParker08-Aug-10 18:16
marlinus6408-Aug-10 23:53
All of us ex-GI's know how good it feels to finish basic training and it is a big accomplishment. Well Done! Work hard, stay safe and you will go far in the service. I thank you, and our country thanks you for your service. Good Luck!
poppy09-Aug-10 06:26
Hear, Hear!!!
BriandKilby09-Aug-10 09:25
i have a cousin that flew the apache in the first gulf war and flies in the pa guard now, i think.
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