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Guillows Series 200 - SE5a by reuben199. Viewed 672 times.
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Image Comments
reuben19919-Aug-09 02:16
5 second shutter speed.
reuben19919-Aug-09 02:20
This is a motorway shot, but its amazing how much the star's move in 30mins when you take a "bulb" (long exposure) shot.
Roring4019-Aug-09 04:02
Looks cool !
reuben19919-Aug-09 04:10
Thanks Nigel, you get some strange looks when your standing on a motorway over bridge at 10pm :-)
jgood19-Aug-09 10:49
Nice shot!
Creosotewind19-Aug-09 13:35
Hey, it looks like everyone is driving on the wrong side of the road.
rhysleo19-Aug-09 14:07
whoa! your right creosotewind! where was this taken reuben?
David Duckett19-Aug-09 14:49
New Zealand, I believe.
Roring4019-Aug-09 15:52
Defintitely New Zealand but I sometimes reckon which side of the road we drive on is optional !
David Duckett19-Aug-09 16:31
You would feel right at home in the United States.
rhysleo19-Aug-09 17:11
it was pretty weird when i lived in london but i got used to it.
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