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Guillows Series 200 - SE5a by reuben199. Viewed 840 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
reuben19906-Dec-09 13:27
radio controlled se5a by e-flite.
John M Oshust06-Dec-09 15:03
Just beautiful
JohnG.06-Dec-09 15:47
Oh yeah, outstanding..great color scheme.
FLYBOYZ06-Dec-09 19:33
Just love bipes!
reuben19906-Dec-09 22:48
Thanks guys, I will add a couple of colour photo's of the details. I had to be careful not to add to much weight when I detailed this model as the lighter it is the better it flies.
Roring4007-Dec-09 04:00
Amazing job Reuben particularly so given that this beauty will fly.
poppy07-Dec-09 12:50
Let's go after the Red Baron! Very nice.
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