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GWS Pico Tiger Moth by rgood. Viewed 112 times.
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Image Comments
rgood30-Oct-17 11:35
"Dead Cow" field!
rgood30-Oct-17 11:37
I did not feel the "Greaser" touch down here - Good one James!
Don C30-Oct-17 13:40
Looks like a lonesome field.
rgood30-Oct-17 23:11
This dry lake-bed is as flat as a pancake - and has a "span" of 18,000 feet. It's real name is "FishLake" - A fly-in was held there last year - James took his son, Charles, there and they camped under the stars!
heywooood31-Oct-17 08:07
The Ercoupe looks extry sleek and shiny in this photo.. Quite a backdrop too - suitable for framing. If you have the gear a nighttime shot with the milkyway behind it would be something. The little plane with its polished metal skin looks a bit space-shippy
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