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Guillows Series 200 - Fokker DR-1 Triplane by biplane guy. Viewed 186 times.
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biplane guy25-Apr-17 13:54
aileron pulleys in top wing
biplane guy25-Apr-17 13:58
The pulleys are glued to the brass shaft which turns free in brass bushings (grommets).
LASTWOODSMAN25-Apr-17 15:03
Biplane Guy - is there a link to a good schematic diagram that shows how the cockpit controls work and how they link up to the control horns? I am stumped - it took me forever to figure it out for the Curtiss Pusher ...
biplane guy25-Apr-17 17:12
LW, do you want a diagram for the Curtiss pusher or one for the DR-1? What I'm doing is a simplified aileron control on the DR-1. Fokker used four cables looped through multiple pulleys to move the ailerons (not worth the effort on a model this size when you won't be able to see and appreciate it after the model is covered.) I have diagrams for both aircraft if you want them.
LASTWOODSMAN25-Apr-17 17:30
Yes please both Biplane guy - I have a hand-drawn diagram for the Curtiss Pusher I made (I could take a pic and post it if you want a good laugh) - it would be great to confirm its correctness - do you want to post a pic of the diagrams ? - or email them to me ? - if email, I will ask James to give you my email address ...
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