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Guillows Series 800 - Stearman PT-17 by biplane guy. Viewed 289 times.
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Image Comments
biplane guy15-Apr-16 08:59
Engine detail
biplane guy15-Apr-16 09:52
Prop is attached with a hex screw secured to a blind nut epoxied to the back of the small vinyl disk that was originally part of the rubber band motor assembly. A nut with plastic insert is tightened against the disc to secure the prop shaft (screw) while allowing the prop to rotate freely. Spark plugs are made from short pieces of plastic insulation stripped from #18 thermostat wire. A 1-1/4" dia. key ring simulates the conduit for the spark-plug wiring. Exhaust headers were carved from 1/4" square balsa stock and the fins were cut with a razor saw.
Creosotewind15-Apr-16 10:50
All this looks really sharp.
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