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Guillows Series 800 - Stearman PT-17 by biplane guy. Viewed 322 times.
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biplane guy15-Apr-16 10:16
Rudder control cables
biplane guy15-Apr-16 10:25
Cable housings exit fuselage on either side of the tailwheel support. Cables attach to the rudder control horns and to the rudder pedals which pass through the small brass tubes. (Final connection pictures to follow). The brass tube epoxied into the end of the upper ball joint is for the metal pushrod to the elevator horn which will be cut to size and epoxied into the brass tube.
biplane guy15-Apr-16 10:26
biplane guy15-Apr-16 10:31
Placement of the cable housings and brass tubes for the rudder pedals is critical since the cardboard cockpit must have room to seat down against the side keel (A6/A7) with the brass tubes protruding through the printed rudder pedals. See cockpit detail.
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