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Guillows Series 800 - Stearman PT-17 by biplane guy. Viewed 298 times.
Build Thread
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biplane guy03-Jan-17 15:08
Tiger moth instrument panel
biplane guy03-Jan-17 15:09
Still have to fabricate the compass housing and mounting bracket.
Don C03-Jan-17 15:21
Really nice work.
LASTWOODSMAN03-Jan-17 15:25
That looks super precise! Would you please name the gages and instruments? Curious as to what they really were...
biplane guy03-Jan-17 16:12
These are photos that I downloaded and then had my wife scale to size and print on glossy photo paper which I then cut out to mount on a thin plywood base (for the inst. panel) before insertion into the cockpit (2). Only the compass housing and brackets will be 3D. Sorry if you thought I was good enough to actually build this. My only talent is adapting things I find to fit a need. I'll have to get back to you on the names and functions of the various gauges.
Huey V7703-Jan-17 17:38
The one on the right is a tachometer, far left could be an airspeed. Don't know about the others, can't read them. Make sure you use brass screw on the compas install, don't want to mess up the compas.
jgood03-Jan-17 17:48
Dad has a 1,000 hours in one of these, so he should be able to answer. Turn Coordinator top middle. Oil temp bottom right? Oil pressure bottom left?
biplane guy03-Jan-17 19:07
Huey, I guess the mounting bracket for the compass should be brass too?
Huey V7703-Jan-17 19:15
Naw, aluminum painted black will work.
Skyediamonds198503-Jan-17 20:02
Just brilliant work. Love the photos of the bezels' shading to give it a 3-D effect. Very well executed. You did great.
John M Oshust03-Jan-17 22:00
The gauges look so real. Nice job!
rgood03-Jan-17 23:36
OK chaps on the Tiger I was part-owner of the following instruments would apply:- bottom left, altimeter, above left, ASI, on it's right a fore & aft level gauge, center, turn & bank, right tacho, (rev. counter) and below that the oil pressure gauge. All the Tigers that I flew had the same layout.
meku04-Jan-17 02:04
This is a very high level of modeling!
rayl04-Jan-17 07:11
Yesiree, very nice work. Kudos.
biplane guy04-Jan-17 09:17
Thanks fellas, I'll add a photo when it's finished and mounted.
LASTWOODSMAN04-Jan-17 11:13
Thanks gentlemen and RGood - I printed out the pic and labelled it for future reference :-)
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