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Guillows Series 800 - Stearman PT-17 by biplane guy. Viewed 251 times.
Build Thread
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Image Comments
biplane guy17-Mar-17 12:45
Tiger Moth
biplane guy17-Mar-17 12:47
meku18-Mar-17 02:57
Beautiful work, great colors !!! MAGNIFICENT.
rayl18-Mar-17 09:04
It don't get any better!! Sweet job. Happy (controlled) landings.
LASTWOODSMAN19-Mar-17 11:10
Biplane Guy - very interesting detailing on the "anti-spin strakes" on the top rear fuse - I was wondering what they were called ... - had to look them up - they are not on the plans of my Dumas 17 1/2 " kit.
biplane guy19-Mar-17 15:30
Hey LW, those anti-spin strakes were not part of the kit but were present on the aircraft I wanted to model. Skye was once again my source of info on all things aeronautical. He told me they were added because when a hood was placed over the rear cockpit during IFR training it disrupted the airflow to the tail feathers. Those strakes and those leather instrument panel bumpers are great conversation starters.
LASTWOODSMAN19-Mar-17 16:39
BG - those look like pretty realistic heavy duty leather leather instrument panel bumpers - thanks for pointing that out - is there a story to them ? They really add to the look ...
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